Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by models for our Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments. If you need any further information please contact us by clicking the button opposite.

Who can be a model?

Anyone can be a model – male or female above the age of 18.

How much are treatments and why are they so much cheaper than high street clinic prices?

As this is a training event, we offer heavily discounted treatments to cover the cost of the products used. High street clinics often add additional charges for the clinical work involved which can be an extra £100 – £300 depending on the procedure.

Which products do you use on your training days?

We use the same high-quality products on our training days that we do in our clinics. We use Juvederm which is a HA Hyaluronic acid filler (a natural body product) and Radiesse dermal fillers. For anti-wrinkle treatments, we use Allergan.

How much product will be used for my treatment?

We inject standard doses of anti-wrinkle product for all Anti-Wrinkle Treatments. Prices quoted for Dermal Fillers are for 1ml syringes. For Lip Filler, Cheek Filler, Nasolabial Line Filler and Marionette Filler it is possible to purchase a 2nd 1ml syringe at the time of booking at our standard model prices.

How many treatments can I book in for?

You can book as many treatments as you like for any given training day and you are very welcome to return as a cosmetic model for us as many times as you like. We have many regular patients that return every few months to have their treatments with us taking advantage of our low priced model prices.

Why do I need to book my treatment in advance?

Our model treatments are heavily discounted for the purposes of teaching and we only need a small number of models for each treatment area on every training weekend. We offer all model spaces on a first come first serve basis and most slots get booked out 4-6 weeks before the training course. We advise booking early to avoid missing out on your preferred dates.

Why are some treatments / dates been offered at a discounted price?

From time to time we may offer a discount on our model treatment price. This may be to back fill a last minute cancellation or as part of a promotional offer we are running. In most cases we book all our model treatments weeks ahead – but you will see some discounted offers available periodically.

The discounted prices are only available where the price has been changed for that specific treatment and date on the website. The discounts cannot be used against other treatments or dates and are not valid after the promotional offer is removed from the site.

All promotional offers are applied to the first syringe (for dermal fillers) or treatment area (for upper face anti-wrinkle). If you choose to add further syringes or treatment areas – these will be applied at our standard model prices.

Any treatments or extra syringes / treatment areas purchased on the training day will be charged at our full model prices and are subject to availability at the discretion of our clinic co-ordinators.

How do I book my treatments?

Our booking pages list all dates still available for each treatment. You can select the date of your choice and pay for your treatments using debit card, credit card or PayPal. We use PayPal as our online payment gateway to ensure all your details are kept secure. You do not need to have or set up a PayPal account to make a payment to us.

We ask for full payment upon booking, we are unable to hold treatment spaces until payment has been made. This helps us to ensure the smooth running of our training days.

What time will my appointment be?

All of our appointments are usually in the afternoon between 12.30pm and 5pm. You will be contacted after you have booked and paid for your treatment with a specific appointment time and you will be with us for around 1 hour.

Who will be injecting me during my treatment?

All injections are administered by our training delegates under close supervision from our expert trainers. All of our delegates are registered medical professionals and trainers remain close by at all times to ensure correct landmarks, injection techniques and dosages are followed at all times.

Can I request which trainer supervises my treatments?

On our training days, we usually have multiple groups of delegates – all under supervision by our trainers. We arrange all treatments to facilitate the smooth running of our training days and it is not possible for models to specify which group or trainer they will be in.

Can I have more treatments on the day if I decide?

It may be possible to have additional treatments on the day – please check with our co-ordinator on the days and they will check if we have availability to add on any further treatments. Any further payments on the day must be made in cash. It is advisable to book and pay for treatments in advance via our website to ensure we can offer you the treatments you want.

The treatments I want are on different days. Is it possible to move them all to the same days?

We teach a variety of courses on our training weekends and different treatments will be taught to different sets of delegates on different days. We can only offer treatments on the days displayed on our website. You are welcome to come back on different dates to have other treatments.

Will I have to have my photos/videos put onto social media?

From time to time we do post photos and videos from training days onto our social media pages and website. If you don’t want any photos/videos of you published, please indicate this on completion of the paperwork with your instruction and signature.

Do we offer free reviews and/or top-up?

As this is a training event and treatments are heavily discounted, we do not offer any follow-up or free top-ups. We are at hand to answer any questions however should you have any after the courses.

Can I still have anti-wrinkle and/or dermal filler treatments when I am pregnant or breast feeding?

No.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications to anti-wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments. If you find out you are pregnant after booking a model treatment, please contact our bookings team at models@dermamedical.co.uk.