The male face tends to be more chiselled in appearance. Features such as a wider jawline and squarer chin are more appealing male ideologies. Dermal fillers can be injected into these areas to enhance and sculpt these areas creating an overall squarer face shape.

What can be done?

The masculinisation/virilisation package includes:

2ml cheek filler
4ml jawline filler
1ml chin filler

If you are a Medical Professional wishing to learn this bespoke package of treatments, check out our Artistic Facial Transformation training course on our Training Academy Website.

Procedure Time
45-60 minutes
Onset of Results
Back to Work
Duration of Actions
8-12 months
Risks & Complications
Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising
Clinic Price
Derma Models Price

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Masculinisation / Virilisation

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London - Wednesday, 29th May 2024 Original price was: £500.00.Current price is: £250.00.
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Full face masculinisation. Package includes:

  • 2ml cheek filler
  • 4ml jawline filler
  • 1ml chin filler

Additional information

Facial Transformation

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Masculinisation - Virilization

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