Polynucleotides are an innovative injectable solution based on natural trout/salmon derived product. It is a highly moisturising gel that restores skin firmness and elasticity whilst protecting against cellular damage. Polynucleotides are a new innovation in skincare – an injectable treatment which uses bio revitalisation to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level. The active ingredients are polynucleotides, which stimulate your own cells to improve the appearance and quality of skin. A polynucleotide treatment refreshes sagging, dehydrated or wrinkled skin by: deeply moisturising, targeting free radicals, regenerating tissue and restoring skin tone.


A before and after image of a lady who has received the polynucleotide treatment.

Procedure Time

30 minutes

On Set Of Results


Risks and Complications

Possible light bruising on injection site

Back To Work


Longevity of Results

6 Months