Under Eye – Sunekos Treatment

Under Eye – Sunekos Treatment

Under eye Sunekos treatment is a skin rejuvenating injectable treatment that contains a combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids.

About Sunekos Under-Eye Treatment

Sunekos under-eye treatment works by naturally stimulating collagen and elastin, Sunekos gradually restores radiance, firmness, and elasticity.

It is beneficial for a range of skin concerns including dryness, acne scarring, loss of tone, fine lines, and sun damage.

Who is Sunekos under-eye treatment for?

People between 25-70 years of age, with dull under eyes, thinning under eye skin and those looking to improve the skin quality around and on the eye area.

If you struggle with thin skin and have found the area around your eyes has lost volume and has dark circles, Sunekos can help to tackle those concerns.

Sunekos under-eye treatment is particularly good for those who want to avoid filler or maintain their previous Tear Trough Filler treatment.

Sunekos eye-treatment results & Risks

Results from just one session
Minimal discomfort
Minimal bruising and swelling